About Us

Who are we!

Sirius Beam LLC is a US based dynamic organisation in international & domestic Call Center Outsourcing Industry. We offer a wide range of Inbound and Outbound campaigns for our worldwide partners. 

We have an extensive list of customers which also include multiple Fortune 500 companies. Our clientele is growing day by day meanwhile we continue to strengthen our relationship with our seasoned clients.  

What we do!

We provide you with the call center campaigns that you desire to work on. 

Sirius Beam LLC is “Your best source to find campaigns” regardless of where you are located around the globe.

We will analyze your unique situation and provide the best suitable match.

What we want!

We are looking to find passionate and seasoned call centers who are committed to provide quality work with honesty and zeal for growth.   

We believe in mutual growth by forming long-term partnerships based on trust and love for innovation and continuous learning.

Sirius Beam is the top call center campaign provider for free US based Call center campaigns